Commandor 3 Chute

  • High Speed HD camera, Ultra HD imaging & analysis technology, high-speed processing, Accurate Identification.
  • Intelligent image processing.
  • AI-Deep learning technology.
  • Intelligent study data classification.
  • 5400 x 3 pixel RGB sensor.
  • Image can taken 122 million pixels per second, Easy to use interface.
  • High level AI deep learning technology, user friendly interface, easy operation.
  • Multi-function, Multi-purpose, widely used for all kind of rice, grain, nuts, plastics etc.
  • High and specification ensure high stability with high sorting accuracy.
  • Even light system, 1.2 Billion life cycle.
  • Accurate dimming control valve.
  • High speed matrix valve, Maintenance free SMPS.
  • Mark brand full HD colorful 10.1 touch screen.
  • Customer friendly user interface. Linux based operating systems.
  • Powerful communication system feeder.
  • Closed loop sensor based feeder systems self calibration. Material even feeding system LED.
  • Micro controlled LED high reliability and long lifespan LED light resources smart cooling.
  • 16 Million colors RGB background LED realtime background color adjustmentable.
  • Combined with color sorting, AI sorting sort difficult impurities like micro color difference.
  • FPGAs based best-in-class signal processing capabilities for high bandwidth applications, Built on the 28nm HPL Processor! HD lens for clear imaging HM. 

Specifications of Commandor 3 Chute

Chute Distribution(P+S+F) 2+1
Output(TPH) For Rice/Dal 1.5 to 2.5
No.of Camera(F& R) 3+3
Air@ 7.5 kg/cm2 54 CFM
Compressor Requirement 15 HP Screw
Dimension (LxWxH) feet 5.19x 4.88x5.97
Cabin Dimension (LxWxH) feet 9x10x8