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Mark J Max 280 Rice Color Sorting Machine

Mark J Max 280 Color Sorter is a high performance grain processing equipment which has low .operating cost. This machine requires 90 CFM air and 10 KVA power to operate. Dual side viewing technology of this color sorting equipment provides rear and front view. Advanced CCD camera of Mark J Max 280 Color Sorter ensures excellent scanning performance. Colored CD touch screen based working interface of this machine simplifies its operation. Dual resorting technology of this equipment helps to reduce its wastage rate. Reverse ejection mechanism of this machine guarantees about its precise sorting. Multi channel chute design of this system is undoubtedly one of its key features.


This machine comprises of advanced ejector valve for high speed functioning.

Equipped with 2048 pixel CCD camera with bright image capturing quality

Touch screen based operation for saving production time

Application of front and rear viewing technology