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Mark trendz 5 chute Rice Color Sorting Machine

Mark Trendz 5 Chute is a tri chromatic color sorting equipment which is known for its high productivity and fast operation. This machine adopts field programmable gate array (FPGA) based image processing mechanism for improved performance. Ergonomic pneumatic system of this machine promotes its minimal air consumption. Micro controller based operation of Mark Trendz 5 Chute guarantees about better output. Touch screen based control panel of this color sorting solution is capable of feeding multiple programs without any delay. This machine can be managed both by mobile phone and computer for the convenience of operator. Clients can avail it at reasonable price range from us.


FPGA based image processing technology for better performance

Ability to manage reverse sorting technique for precise function

LED light color changing mode, mechanical cleaning arrangement

Ejection status display facility, equipped with CCD color camera for better picture quality