Zorba Series 4 Chute Rice Color Sorting Machine

Product Description

Ultra high defination camera & HD Lens :-

          5400x3 pixel higher sensitive RGB Tri chromatic CCD Color camera with high speed image reading system. High end customized HD lens,with a resolution of over 30%

Precise Solenoid Valve :-

          Quick response : 1ms Accutacy 100% , Low Air Consumption , Low Power Consumption

Intelligent Image Processing Algorithm:-

          Precision and accuracy in sorting a wide combination of colors and shapes.

Illumination system:-

          Even and uniform illumination with automatic dimming low power consumption energy saving,low maintenance long life.

Communication System :-

          With stable automobile level high speed communication system,the rate is improved by upto 4 times.

SOC :-

          With outstanding high performance and low power comsumption along with the highest bandwidth and integration density in the industry, the processing ability is improved by upto 5 times.

Feed Touch :-

          High quality 300 mm ultra wide trough with specialized andization treatment process ensures high output on par with international standards. Cascading flat plate and narrow chtue channel can be outfitted to sort a variety of material colors.

Technology :-

          Remote control and online advanced large data cloud connectivity offers maximum speed and precision

Specifications of Zorba Series 4 Chute Rice Color Sorting Machine

Model ZORBA-6SZXZ-252E
Chute Distribution(P+S+F) 2+1+1
Air@ 7.5 kg/cm2 60 CFM